Tiny Tim at March for Life 2018!!

Short update on Timothy,

First to all the troop thank you for your prayers and support all year long!

Timothy had to go in for some routine shots on Friday morning (before we all headed into DC for the March for Life).  While there they weighed him in at 18 lbs and 15 ounces!  (If you don’t recall he was born at 2 lbs 2 ounces and left the NICU at just over 8 lbs 3 months later)

Our blog site has the latest action video of the little man!  Enjoy!

And a photo from the March for Life!  The entire Kramer family missed the March for Life last year as mom and dad were hold up in Walter Reed Medical center wondering if little Timothy would survive!  Oh boy did he survive!  Thanks be to God!  And thank you for all the prayers and support.

tim at the march

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all families and friends!

May the Lord Bless and Protect you and your families this holiday season with safe travel and loving times with family and friends!

turkey dive in

Time to Dive Right in to Turkey Dinner! :)

turkey scuba







Walk Worthy and God Bless!

Thank You – Veterans

Veteran’s Day is officially Saturday 11 November, but this year the federal government observes this day tomorrow, 10 November.

This is a time to remember those who have offered their very lives for our protection and freedom.  

There is a lot of true humility involved in offering your life for a cause other than yourself.

I read a great biography about a Catholic Marine, Colonel John Ripley!  The name of the book is An American Knight: The Life of Col. John W. Ripley.  Great read for fathers and sons alike.  Lots of leadership lessons in this small book!  On Veteran’s day I leave you with an example of how Colonel Ripley served with distinction…

“While under intense unrelenting enemy fire, Ripley dangled for an estimated three hours under the bridge in order to attach 500 pounds of explosives to the span, ultimately obliterating it. His action, conducted under enemy fire while going back and forth for materials, definitively thwarted an onslaught by 20,000 enemy troops and dozens of tanks and was the subject of a book, The Bridge at Dong Ha, by Colonel John Grider Miller. He attributes his success to the help of God and his mother. When his energy was about to give out he began a rhythmic chant, “Jesus, Mary, Get me there”. His body taxed to its extreme limits, his action is considered one of the greatest examples of concentration under fire in the annals of U.S. military history. It also delayed NVA  forces from taking Saigon for another three years.”


Thank you to those who served and are serving!

Eddie Kramer

Catholic Trail Life App


Below is an excerpt from an email I received from Mr. Joseph Gillespie who has setup a Catholic Trail Life App for resources specific for Trail Life Troops.  Posting for everyone interested in connecting with other Catholic Troops.  There is a chat forum as well as links to Catholic Trail Life resources.  Consider signing up for more information.

Dear fellow Catholic Trailmen,

I had the pleasure to meet some of you at the Trail Life USA Parent & Leader Convention little more than a year ago, and many of you I have not met. During the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to compile as much information about our Catholic troops in Trail Life USA and build a mobile app/website that allows us as Catholic Trailmen to communicate, exchange ideas, share best practices and program resources, and coordinate to best serve the Catholic youth in Trail Life USA.

The app (http://catholictraillife.teamapp.com) includes a directory of Catholic troops (compiled through my best efforts, but it’s not complete and needs contact information for all troops), some articles of interest, a chat feature that allows our group to maintain various topic discussions, and a resource area for documents—all stored in a password protected members area.

I hope you like this resource and find that it helps facilitate our next steps along the Catholic trail.

Walk Worthy!

Joseph Gillespie

Charter Organization Representative

Troop FL-0118, Good Shepherd Catholic Church

Tallahassee, FL