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 Summer Adventure and Trail Junction 2018

Catholic Trail Life Summer Adventure 2018 

    *The above link includes information regarding the 26 May 2018 Trail Junction Invitational overnighter and the information for attending and volunteering to help with the Summer Adventure in July!

Trailman Posts

July 2016 Post
October 2016 Post

Committee and Parent Documents

Constitution and By-Laws    ♦♦Feb ’17 Update♦♦
Health and Safety Guide    ♦♦Sep ’18 New Upload♦♦
Navigator and Adventurer Parent’s Handbook
Permission Slip
YOUTH Weekend Health Form
ADULT Weekend Health Form
Troop Volunteer Handbook       ♦♦25AUG16 Update♦♦

Path to Freedom Award Trail Badge Planner  

Troop Trail Badge Mentor Handbook
Troop Resource Survey

Freedom Award Planning

Adventurer Freedom Award Guide
Freedom Experiences Course Catalog
Faith Building Activity Options
Servant Leadership Project Guide
Freedom Award Application

Freedom Award Checklists

Applicant Checklist
Servant Leadership Project Area Advisor Checklist
Adventurer Advisor/Troopmaster Advancement Conference Checklist
Board of Review Chairman Checklist

Org Chart and Troop Roster

Org Chart (password protected)   ♦♦23SEP19 Update♦♦
Troop Attendance Last Name (password protected) ♦♦4APR19 Update♦♦
Troop Attendance by Patrols (password protected) ♦♦4APR19 Update♦♦

Financial Forms

Deposit Form
Reimbursement Form

Troop and Patrol Documents

Camping Options and Contact Info

TL USA Health and Safety Forms (Web Link)    ♦♦Sep’18 New Link♦♦

Campsite Checklist
Outdoor Activity Packing Checklists
Patrol Duty Roster
Patrol Menu Planner
Propane Safety

Trail Badge Application (password protected)

Officer’s Conference Guides

Officer’s Conference Annual Guide
Officer’s Conference Monthly Guide


Trail Life USA documents are located on TroopTrack under the Trail Life USA Documents tab.

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